X-treme Rock Climbing Center is South Florida's Premier Training Facility for Rock Climbing Athletes and Enthusiasts

Climb Anytime Without the Need for a Partner on Our Auto-Belay Walls!

Appropriate whether you're new or experienced, auto-belays secure you on your way down from the top of a climb without the need for a live partner, or for when you and your climbing partners want to be on the wall at the same time!

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Discover Bouldering!

Smaller structure, sure, but by no means is this "Climbing, Jr!" In a lot of ways, bouldering can be more difficult than sport climbing with rope support - but there are routes for every level of climber!

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Reserve a Spot in Our Daily Belay Classes to Access More of the Gym!

X-treme will always be, first and foremost, a training facility - and having the support of a partner while you train on routes is paramount to your growth as a climber. Learning to belay will allow you to climb with your friends or partners on walls that have features that aren't suited to auto-belay systems.

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Advanced: Lead Climb Our Gym's Unique Features!

Definitely not for beginners to the sport, lead certified climbers can enjoy the challenges of our unique arched ceiling and stalagtite features for some really amazing climbs! Lead climb and belay proficiency checks are required.

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Youth Climbing Club

We have a terrific program that combines climbing instruction with character development and structure for kids ages 8 and up!

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Competition Climbing Team

X-treme Rock Climbing proudly hosts youth and junior athletes who represent Miami on the local, regional, and national levels and who train multiple times per week. Spots on the team are available to those who pass a tryout phase.

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Check Out Our Weeknight Yoga Program!

Available for drop-in classes or as an inclusion with membership, you really must experience our amazing Yoga program - it'll give your spirit a tight core!

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Ask Us About Birthday Parties, Group Events, and Field Trips!

Kids and adults alike love bringing their friends or co-workers for indoor "climbing trips" at X-treme - ask us about special rates for large groups!

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"How Much Does it Cost to Go Climbing?"

Visiting to Climb and Have Your Own Gear?


$16.50 + tax

under 14

$13 + tax


First Time Ever,

Need Gear?


14 and up

$27.50 + tax

under 14

$24 + tax

Monthly Membership
(Gear Not Included)


$55 + tax


$99 + tax

Owning your own gear so you no longer have to rent and our various membership options - prepaid or automatically billed - will make your development as a climber (or your fun-filled visits) a lot more cost effective!

Ask us to help you select a membership plan for you as well as get you set up with gear from our pro-shop!

Discounts available for Active Duty or Veteran Military, Law Enforcement, or Firefighters with ID. Student discounts apply when showing an online schedule (no screenshots, please) as proof of enrollment in the current term.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to take a class to begin rock climbing?
    • You don't necessarily have to take classes on climbing technique to start getting into climbing - but it definitely helps as you become more and more serious about climbing. Ask about instruction of this kind whenever you're ready!
    • Learning to belay - which involves making a reservation for a belay certification class with a climbing partner - will allow you to access other parts of the gym when auto-belay routes are occupied, especially on our busier days. It'll also allow you to experience unique wall features that aren't appropriate for auto-belay systems.
  • Do I need to make a reservation to visit your facility?
    • If you're intending to take specific instruction on technique or to learn how to belay, or you want to coordinate something special with a group, then absolutely, you should call in to discuss options and make a reservation.
    • On busier days such as on weekends and holidays - to ensure the safety of our members and guests on the climbing gym floor with respect to capacity - there may be a wait of up to an hour for incoming guests to receive their gear and orientation to climb.
  • What should I wear to come climbing?
    • You'll want to come wearing clothes you'd be comfortable working out in any gym with - you're going to be working up a sweat! And if you don't have your own climbing shoes, we recommend bringing socks to use our rental shoes.
  • What's the youngest children can be to come climb?
    • With respect to general visits, it isn't necessarily about their age but their comfort level on the wall and their weight - to use our auto-belay devices a child should weigh at least 35 lbs. Children are prohibited from bouldering except with instruction and under the supervision of a Coach during our Youth Climbing Club (which is open to children 8 years old and older). No children should be on the climbing floor unless they are supervised by a responsible adult they came with.
    • Thank you for understanding - while children are welcome to climb and we love when everyone of any age has a great time, the primary focus of our facility is to encourage the growth of a community in South Florida around the sport of rock climbing among, the development or rock climbing athletes and enthusiasts, and instilling a greater respect for the outdoors rather than being an entertainment center or theme park. We'd love to have your family join us on an outdoor climbing trip one day!

Contact Us

X-treme Rock Climbing
13972 SW 139 Ct
Miami, FL 33186
305 233 6623
You can now message your member services questions through WhatsApp to the gym's number! On your phone? Touch here to open a chat with the gym's staff during our business hours!

Touch Here to Email Us!


Climbing Gym Hours

Mon - Thurs 11a - 10p
Fri 11a - 11p
Sat 10a - 10p
Sun 10a - 8p

Our upstairs Fitness Center closes 15 minutes before business hours. Ask about our Yoga program!

Get Instruction!

  • Private instruction to improve climbing technique is available to help you get to the next level!

About Us

Climbing is more than just a fun sport. It's a journey of personal physical and emotional growth. It is just as much a workout for your brain as it is for your body.

At X-treme Rock Climbing we are host to a diverse and awesome community of people who are just as excited to see others achieve new heights as they are to reach their own personal goals.